Sgrafitto ceramics


Plate„Saint Spiridon, the Wonderworker made the pottery wheel and decided to work with it. He had great desire, but despite his endless trials, he never succeeded. He became discouraged and started to cry. From his fallen tears, the clay moistened and began to form in his hands…”

Sgrafitto is a technique used to decorate a red-clay vessel, which includes the covering of the vessel with angoba (white clay dissolved in water). After the angoba has dried to a wax-like consistency, the desired designs can be engraved, and then the dish is fired. After that, the vessel is covered with colourful, transparent glazes, and is fired for the second time. During the middle Ages, sgrafitto was found in abundance in royal palaces. It had been used as dishware, as well as wall decoration – something commonly seen today. Valentin DimitrovAfter the mass production between the XII and XIV century, the sgrafitto popularity declined and many of its secrets were lost. During the archaeological digs in Tsarevets in the 1970’s, many beautiful vessels were found. From there, the rediscovery of the sgrafitto technique began.

One of the enlightened is me, Valentin Dimitrov. I graduated from art school in the town of Troyan, with ceramics. I have been a member of the Fellowship of Masters of Arts and crafts since 1985. My studio is located in the town of Elena where I work in the peace and quiet and enjoy my occupation.

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